Short Wedding Dresses

Short wedding dresses are ideal for modern brides that want something different and not traditional. The classic style of short wedding dresses tends to be very well suited for a beach, garden, and outdoor weddings for most brides that wish to wear a straight white bridal dress with a low waistline. It is important to keep in mind that you will have to think about your own figure and body type when choosing your style.

Short dresses are also great for those brides that need to show off their legs. A shorter length wedding dress will allow for more options for styling your legs. You can get knee-length, floor-length, or even ankle length wedding dresses. The important thing is to know which style will flatter you best.

The length of a tea-length wedding dress is one that is usually worn on a beach setting or somewhere with a fairly cool weather. This style usually falls about the knee and sometimes even the ankle. In many cases, a tea-length style also includes a long flowing skirt over the bottom of the dress. When it comes to choosing colors, tea-length short wedding dresses can go well with just about any color in the rainbow.

An open-length wedding dress

This type of short wedding dress is typically less formal than a short wedding dress. It is perfect for those that do not want an overly formal gown but still want to look beautiful. Open-length styles can also work for brides that are very tall, simply because they give the illusion of being longer than they actually are.

These days, many bridal shops offer a wide variety of styles that fall into the short wedding dress category. From elaborate designs to sleek designs, there is something out there to meet everyone’s needs.

Many bridal shops have special sections where brides can try on wedding gowns to determine what design would be best suited for their individual personalities. Some shops offer short wedding dresses created especially for slender figures, while other shops cater to more overweight brides.


When shopping for a short wedding dress, you should not limit yourself to one particular type. You can mix and match different designs until you find a style that fits your body type and personality. You may also choose to have a few short wedding dresses for different locations that you plan to get married in. You do not always need a traditional white dress when going to the beach or a church on your honeymoon. Look for styles that are appropriate for your location and find a designer that will create a gown that will fit those needs.

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